There are many corrosive elements that are detrimental to your cars finish and may lead to deterioration.

Rust is the formation of ferric oxide. This element and salt should be washed off immediately. Dirt is also a catalyst for rust and that it is a source of moisture.

Acid rain is another phenomenon that should be recognized. Even if your car looks clean after a rainstorm, it is important to have it cleaned at a professional car wash to remove that acidic residue that can cause permanent paint damage to your cars finish.

Oily exhaust smoke, especially in the hot summer, will also dull your paint finish quickly, as will bird droppings and bugs that aren't removed immediately.

So at Road Runner Car Wash express we use only the best Simoniz professional car care products.


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Roadrunner Car Wash Express, Lake Worth, Green Acres and Palm Spring car wash customers trust their cars to Roadrunner Car Wash Express, the affordable, safe, fast way to preserve car's appearance. Our carwash will clean, shine, and protect your car with our wash options and an extended variety of services:

  • $5 (Thursday thru Tuesday)
  • $4 Wednesday

Express wash service will clean, shine, and protect your car! We offer fundraising opportunities. We wash the cars and your organization receives money. Call today or stop in for fundraising details.


Most charge cards excepted

Roadrunner Car Wash Express protects your car from elements.

Roadrunner Car Wash Express car washes protect the environment.

Most people who wash their cars at home don't realize where contaminated water ends up or how much water is wasted. Home car washing releases contaminated water directly into the environment and into storm drains intended just for rain water, thereby polluting rivers and other water supplies. In contrast, the soiled water from most professional car washes is recycled or piped into water treatment facilities designed to protect the environment.

Also today's specialized technology allows professional carwashes to clean cars thoroughly well conserving water. Engineering studies show that washing your vehicle at home uses as much as 140 gallons most of which is wasted. Water is saved in professional carwashes by the use of high pressure nozzles and pumps. By creating high water pressure, our equipment cleans vehicles thoroughly with a fraction of the water at home wash users. Plus, our carwashes uses 100% biodegradable Simoniz professional brand products.


Today's automobile is a high ticket investment. For many people, it represents the single largest purchase they will ever make. A New car is now kept for an average of six years with an afterlife of several more years. The way you protect your cars appearance as a direct effect on the life of your car and its overall value. That's why it's important to let Road Runner Car Wash Express do it.


Roadrunner Car Wash Express has your car covered inside and out. We offer car washes from $4-$12 and car detailing services from $30-$55. We are committed to offering you the type of long-lasting beauty and protection that will give your car the best possible appearance.

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